2023 Winter exposition CAPS Ostend

16/12/2023 – 71/2024
In Caps (Contemparery Art Projects) Oosthelling 8 Oostende
Paintings, drawings, graphisues and multiples of:

Virginie Bailly, Yves Beaumont, Fred Bervoets, Guillaume Bijl,
Chantal Chapelle, Johan Clarysse, Leo Copers, Dees De Bruyne,
Luc Dondeyne, Jan Fabre, Koen Fillet, Vincent Geyskens,
Kati Heck, Daniel Johnston, Hervé Martijn, Panamarenko,
Walter Swennen, Luc Tuymans, Henk Visch, Philippe Vandenberg,
Jan Van Imschoot, Lisa Vlaemminck, Colin Waeghe,
Peggy Wauters en Giovanni Winne. 

Open saterday – sonday from 2 until 6 pm

Is evil of great importance to the good, 60×50 cm,2008

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