2022 What’s in your mind? Tale Art Gallery Vlierzele

EXPO 2 uitnodiging per post A5 FINAL incl afloop (212 x 150 mm) ACHTERKANT CMYK voor drukker1024_1

Why I read Proust, 50x70 cm, 2020 (2) Why read Proust?, 40×50 cm, 2021

Introduction Daan Rau:
His philosophical background is always reflected in his work. That work is never innocent. There are always connections with films, literature, philosophy or history…Read more

Review Frederic Demeyer (the Art Couch):
When I visit the expo, the title has long been chosen, and, in hindsight, it is a logical choice. The artists do not hesitate to dig deep into their own souls in order to distil from there a certain image of the external world. Often this comes down to a deep-seated sense of isolation, although this seems to take on a different form for each artist. Read more

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