2021 “Suspicious Meetings” in gallery De Buck Gent

‘Suspicious meetings’: recente schilderijen en tekeningen van Johan Clarysse.
Fotokabinet: Willy Vinck. Opening zondag 14/3 from 14u.
De expo runs until 17/4/2021.

My body produces truth, 60x100 cm, 2020
My body produces truth (II), 60×90 cm, 2020

Pers over ‘Suspicious meetings’

Article Annelies A.A. Van Belle in the Art Couch 13/3/2021

“We love this oeuvre full of double entendres, which, while often reporting from the melancholy caverns of our existence, also has a poetic, soteriological effect…” Lees meer:

Article Marc Ruyters in H-art 112

Johan Clarysse actually paints stealthily, and that is not a bad thing. He avoids transparency and clarity, always stops just short of the purely figurative and realistic, uses pale colors that avoid a beautiful aesthetic, puts double bottoms in the possible interpretations…
Lees meer:

Article Johan Debruyne (Kunstmagazine)

“Clarysse paints life in all its aspects, but there is a veil in front of it…I have previously sung the praises of Clarysse’s work, still witnessed his debut, followed his interesting evolution. Like the wine, he gets better and better…”
Lees meer

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