2018 Kunstenfestival Watou

uitnodig watou1 (jpeg)

From the 30th of June until the 2nd of September the village of Watou hosts the 38th edition of ‘Art festival Watou’. This year’s festival is about desire and comfort. The non-profit association ‘Kunst’ invited different visual artists and poets to display their work throughout the village of Watou. It was Bernard Dewulf’s essay ‘The unstable balance of desire’, which originally was written for the Flemish newspaper ‘De Standaard’, that served as a source of inspiration to select and invite the visual artists, writers and poets for the festival.

The festival will display two of Johan Clarysse’s paintings from the series called ‘Suspicious landscapes’. The works will be displayed in the granary, together with work from Edith Kyndt, Thomas Lerooy, Randall Casaer, Arno Quinze, Sophie Bouvier Ausländer, Greet Desal, Peter De Meyer, Gerd Kanz, Hans Defer, Christina Mignolet, Ludovic Laffineur and other artists.

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