2018 ‘I’ve never lied to you’ in Bogardenkapel Brugge

Expo as part of 300 yers Academy Bruges. With work of Johan Clarysse, Sylvie de Meerleer and Matthias Knockaert.

Uitnodiging_INeverLiedToYou_Mail (1)1

Uitnodiging_INeverLiedToYou_Mail (1)2

‘I’ve never lied to you’ as Elvis Presley sang it in ‘Suspicious Minds’. This exposition with works of Johan Clarysse, Matthias Knockaert and Sylvie De Meerleer, starts from the fact: art as a lie. How does the artist and art relate to the lie? The exposition shows paintings that uncover the image, drawings and collages in which construction and deconstruction take place simultaneously…

Alumni tentoonstelling – I’ve never lied to you

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