2020 Ipse dixit: 34 sonnetten, 34 schilderijen

6th century B.C.), the founding fathers of our Western philosophy, whom Friedrich Nietzsche, as a 24-year-old professor, gave refreshing attention to in his lectures at the University of Basel. Visual artist Johan Clarysse has built up an exceptionally philosophical oeuvre from which he juxtaposes 33 exciting images with the poems. They lend lustre to this learning poetry, whose timeless primal questions they update throughout zeitgemäss . Clarysse thus deepens the mystery aesthetically as well”. (press text)


Stefaan van Volcem in Krant West-Vlaanderen: BH – 10072020 – Johan Clarysse

Paul Rigolle in literary magazine Meander:


Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version)

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