2020 Art Gallery O-68: ‘When you want ruffles, you need edges’

Online exposition at Art Gallery O-68 (Velp)  with paintings by Andrea Radai (Boedapest) en Johan  Clarysse (Belgium). See Artsy en Gallery Viewer.
16/04/2020 – 27/06/2020

Suzanna, 70x90cm, 2019Suzanna, 90×70 cm, 2019

From the press release:
“What brings these artists together? What do they have in common? They have understood something about our species, about people, and dare to express it amidst the selfie culture in which everything has to be good and beautiful. They bring us back to ourselves with our highs and lows, our qualities and shadow sides. Their art does not shy away from the uncomfortable, the vulnerable and the ugly…”. Meer info: https://www.artsy.net/show/o-68-when-you-want-ruffles-you-need-edges

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