2013 ‘Suspicious landscapes’ exposition at Zwart Huis, Knokke

When: 16 March 2013 – 28 April 2013

Where: Zwart Huis, Knokke

In his new serie ‘Suspicious landscapes’, Johan Clarysse feels out the borderline between recognition and alienation. His  works are drenched with an intriguating ambiguity. His starting point  are photograhs, filmstills, images out of the world of the media and advertising, art historical references.  In the process of painting he manipulates en and transforms these images and adds  words, quotes, fragments of texts or logos to it. So he questioned the initial evidence of the image. The serie ‘suspicious landscapes’ refers to fictive advertising images. Some of the mountain landscapes or seecapes give the illusion to come out of  a travel album or travel brochure. The added texts in red capitals, central on the canvas , that are puched out of their original contex, refer to political, economical or cultureal slogans. Text and image are related in a recalcitrant way.

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